Users can deposit SAKE/Eth/GRT into Shield Pool on and starting From February 10, 2021 with rewards enabled.
There are 15,750 SHD rewarded to Liquidity Providers based on their shares in the pool. The number of reward tokens is captured, calculated, and sent on a random day every week.


Economic & Security Audit

Depending on the financial and product development, the degree of centralization of management of the economy and the social sphere of ShieldDAO, the financial control systems is dependent on community motive, benefits and approval. Compliance by ShieldDAO with existing legislation as well as the disposal of property entrusted to the Shield Vault should be controlled by community decision. That is why, in the development of the protocol, attention is paid to the community’s financial control of all aspects of ecosystem growth. ShieldDAO, at the present stage of economic development, occupies a special place in the…

An Early Acquisition Event will be available soon for those who wish to hold Shield.

Early Shield Users can immediate increase their holdings by staking into the SHIELD Vault and the USDT VAULT.

In both vaults, Users will be rewarded SHIELD tokens.

Rewards: 20% of earned rewards will be unlocked immediately, and the remaining 80% of the rewards will be locked until the General Acquisition Event.

Please be advised that Shield is neither a government recognized financial instrument nor an investment vehicle. Anyone making an acquisition of Shield assumes the risks that are inherent in the acquisition and use of such products. The user determines the purpose for which Shield is bought and the manner in which it is disposed of.

the vault program WORKS WEEKLY.

1. Loss Mitigation

ShieldDAO uses a combination of strategies to mitigate loss.
These include, among others, four key strategies:

a. Risk avoidance by providing products and services of superior quality.

b. Risk acceptance through setllement designed to compensate claimants for their losses.

c. Risk reduction through risk/liability transfer.

d. Subrogation by leveraging legal resources to ensure ShieldDAO’s solvency and its ability to meet claims obligations.

2. Staking

a. The ShieldDAO community can stake digital assets to receive rewards.

b. The ShieldDAO Protocol Liquidity mining program allows stakers to actively earn a return on their stakes.

3. Governance

The vision of…

All accepted assets can be leveraged to farm Shield in the Shield Protocol through smart contracts called Shield Vaults. Users can access the Shield Protocol through a number of different user interfaces (i.e., network access portals), and interfaces built by the Shield community. Shield proceeds from the Asset Auction go into the Shield Bond, which serves as a buffer to overall supply that could result from future Asset Auctions and the accrual of the Shield Savings Rate. If Shield proceeds from auctions and Stability Fee payments exceed the Shield Bond limit (a number set by ShieldDAO…

Welcome to ShieldDAO

What’s the Purpose of ShieldDAO (sDAO)?

Shield is a Decentralized community of blockchain product users, who vote, take decisions, delegate, index and curate blockchain assets. Shield is born of the Cover hack with the objective to improve security, prevent hacks, while protecting Community lnvestment and Protocol integrity. Shield is comprised of a group of synthetic yield farmers’ asset pairs built and tokenized on Ethereum. The goal of Shield is to provide decentralized, trustless, and non-KYC gated leveraged assets for providing Liquidity, Insurance, Staking, Governance, Lending and Borrowing. Shield assets do not require fund re-balancing or any form…


ShieldDAO is a decentralized community of Blockchain products users, who votes, take decisions, delegate, index & Curate Assets.

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